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Welcome to Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor, where we value the reliability and life of your foundation! For over 17 years in service, our foundation doctors established a renowned name in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. We are the home of competent, dedicated, and experienced experts for your foundation and structural problems. Our foundation professionals ensure to give your foundation the best they need passionately, with overflowing care.

During our 17 years of service, we at Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor are number one in helping and aiding Missouri’s homeowners to live worry-free from numerous foundation concerns. Our foundation company provides every household a solution for your foundation, such as foundation waterproofing, foundation repairs, and installation of foundation piers and foundation I-beams. In addition, we cater to widespread foundation concerns throughout Lee’s Summit, Raymore, Belton, Raytown, Independence, and Blue Springs, Missouri. The Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor guarantees superior, state-of-the-art quality work and exceptional customer care.

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    Our Leading-Edge Foundation Solutions

    Water comprises the majority of our planet. That said, water is everywhere. We may also find water underground. It may be our world’s most numerous resource, but it could be a problem for some, especially for other households. If you notice water leaking in your basement or dampness and moisture from wetness, you may want to consider getting foundation waterproofing services. Foundation waterproofing is a fundamental element needed by every structure. It inhibits water from existing in unanticipated parts of your home. 

    Foundation settling? Foundation Cracks? We got it all covered! Foundation damages could bring worries to a homeowner. These foundation repairs are synonymous with the exertion of a considerable amount of effort, time, and resources. However, the Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor is here to change that mindset. A foundation repair’s mission is uncompromising your family’s safety rather than being a hassle. Be mindful of your structural stability, and call Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor today for early foundation solutions!

    Keeping track of your foundation’s functionality may be burdensome to you as a homeowner. That said, you may neglect giving it even the slightest attention. Unfortunately, this inattentiveness may cost your home the expense of your safety. It is one reason why you need to ensure that your foundation has long-lasting and high endurance support. With the state-of-the-art foundation pier system of Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor, you may worry less about the stability of your home’s foundation! Ensure the behavior of your household’s foundation with our superior foundation piers installation. 

    Having pleasant weather is good, but coming home is always way better. It’s always gratifying to come back to our places. Our homes give us the comfort and the warmth we could use to relax. It is why we need to be mindful of our homes indeed. Do not set aside your safety by disregarding warning signs of a foundation with a problem. Your house may require a replacement or installation of further support. Great thing Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor offers you foundation I-beam services. Our experts are actively here to provide you with great help all the way.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Waterproofing is crucial. It is essential since it keeps structures below ground safe from water intrusion and safeguards against Radon. Inhibiting water and ground gases from entering properties prevents considerable property damage and preserves the health of occupants.

    In addition to providing comprehensive protection against water infiltration, foundation waterproofing also prevents homeowners from exposure to biological hazards such as molds and build-ups

    At Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor, we apply a complete and innovative foundation waterproofing system. It includes the primary waterproofing layer, secondary waterproofing, and drain with inspection ports.

    When a sinking foundation is sinking due to the soil’s insufficient weight-bearing capability, foundation piers can link it to bedrock or stable soil at a greater depth.

    It is entirely dependent on your circumstances. That is why our team at Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor conducts a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the area first before deciding the type of foundation pier we will utilize. After diagnosing the problem, we’ll develop a solution and a clear answer to the kind of pier we will use.

    The I-beam is a construction base material that we use for your homes. Instead of buckling, their design allows the beam to bend under high load pressure.

    Without a doubt, you can. However, chances that your foundation problems will worsen are arising too.  Foundation damage is not a problem that resolves over time.

    These are some of the noticeable signs of foundation problems. When you notice that you have two or more of these manifestations, contact our team right away for a free inspection!

    • Obvious cracks following the stair-shaped structure
    • Loosen moldings
    • Gaps in doors and windows
    • Unleveled/uneven floors
    • Tile or floor separations
    • Diagonal cracks
    • Doors and windows that won’t close properly

    The foundation service type greatly influences the cost of service. However, we make sure that every cash you spend is beneficial and advantageous and will solve your foundation issues. Contact us at (816) 608-7670 or contact us at info@leessummitfoundationdoctor.com for queries regarding our services.

    It is conceivable that you may regret it. Your home’s foundation supports newly rebuilt kitchens and bathrooms, and because of that, any future repairs or modifications to your foundation might cause stress and damage to your remodeled areas.

    Customers Review

    "I noticed some cracks on my walls, and my doors and windows were sticking. I didn't know what to do. It was a problem I was scared of the most. Good thing I abruptly called Lee's Summit Foundation Doctor to consult my issue. They gave me help the next day. They were quick in finding the problem but quicker in giving solutions. Definitely doctors for foundation health problems!"
    "I am a new homeowner in Missouri. I finally got my family a house. However, it was an old house, which would need renovation. Luckily, there were renowned foundation experts in Missouri that my relatives recommended. Furthermore, they gave my house an inspection and consulted me for my needed foundation services. As a result, my money did not go to waste at all! Right now, I'm living in a safe home with no worries!"
    "I give Lee's Summit Foundation Doctor a 10/10 for their foundation repair and pier installation. I called them, unsure of my problem, but they determined what may have caused my issue right away. The next day, they arrived at the agreed time and were keen on doing the inspection. They also taught me what the problem is and are so eager to help me with making decisions. Overall, excellent service and exceptional customer care!!"

    We Bring Your Foundation to Your Future

    “Dedicating Ourselves to Missouri’s Foundation Needs for 17 Years!”

    With our utmost efforts, our services have been incredibly satisfying clients for 17 years now. Leading the foundation services in Missouri is a pleasure for our team. Helping and providing state-of-the-art services is the core goal of this company. Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor has the best of best experts with technical knowledge and skills and works their heart, all-out to give our clients the safety they deserve. Throughout Missouri, we have encountered diverse issues and concerns, which helped us gain vital experiences. We pledge to provide our highest efforts for your foundation waterproofing, foundation repair, and foundation pier and I-beam installation needs.  

    Our company leads the foundation services for Lee’s Summit. Aside from that, we also offer exceptional foundation services throughout Raymore, Belton, Raytown, Independence, and Blue Springs, Missouri. We guarantee to find you solutions suitable for your needs and concerns. Our team vows to bring your foundation to your future. Our services have insured and long-lasting results. Ensure the safety of your homes with us at Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor. 

    Consider your foundation problems solved with Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor! We devote ourselves to Missouri’s foundation needs. Entrust us your foundation issues today! Call our team!


    Lee's Summit Foundation Repair Lees Summit Foundation Company
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