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Each day is passing, and we all grow into new different people every day. But there’s one thing that’s never changing. It is how we view our homes as our comfort, warmth, and resting place, our heaven on Earth. Everything seems to be just fine when you lay your back on your beds and rest your heart out. We are worry-less when we’re inside our home’s haven. To maintain this pleasant and peaceful feeling, we also have to preserve the structure of our homes. At Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor, we can help you guard the feeling of being carefree when it comes to your home’s structural setup.

Our Standards

Do you remember the first time you got a job? Some of you may have your first jobs unexpectedly come because of the standards of some companies. Well, high standards are more than perfect for a business to grow. Aside from that, it enables a business owner to have the best people for the job. It controls the quality of work, maintains professionalism, and helps keep the work environment productive and healthy. Aside from that, it ensures high customer satisfaction. For a business to ponder, it needs to have standards for its people and its products and services. 

In building structures, standards like the international building code and Code of State Regulations (CSR) exist to make our houses durable, safe, and reliable. In Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor, we make sure to follow these measures in our foundation services. Our team vows to give our best efforts and admirable customer care, and we also guarantee that we strictly implement regulations of the state. 

Superior Foundation Services in Missouri

Our range of services garnered the highest rating of trust from the residents of Missouri. Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctors is a renowned team in the area for its exemplary jobs around the state. Here are some of our quality assured services.

Foundation Waterproofing

Imagine yourself finally purchasing the house of your dreams. Buying a nice place, you can call home has been your lifelong dream. However, one time when it rained hard, you noticed your basement’s walls all wet. As a new homeowner, you tend to ignore this situation. But the disregard caused disturbing effects, such as an unpleasant smell which resulted in headaches. Instead of being a happy place, your home may have turned into another stress variable.

To avoid these situations, you must first check if the house has had its latest waterproofing service. If not, you might want to call experts to minimize problems from the place you bought. Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor provides services for old and for new homeowners in Missouri. Whether you’re a new homeowner or not, it is our job to educate you on the steps we make in a foundation waterproofing service. 

Foundation Repair

Now envision again the same situation mentioned in foundation waterproofing. If you ignored the signs, these might lead to soils getting saturated with enough water causing damages to your foundation. A musty smell won’t only be your problem. You’ll have much more than you imagined.

Aside from saturated soils forcing pressure into your walls, wet grounds can also damage your foundation from settling. This situation is primarily applicable when you reside in Missouri. The state is well known for its expansive soils together with states like Texas and Kansas. When expansive soil is wet, it expands and shrinks when it dries up. This cycle of shrinking and swelling may cause uneven settling of your structure, which causes damages to your foundation. You can see the signs of foundation damage interiorly and exteriorly. Some symptoms include cracks, loosen moldings, gaps in doors and windows, unleveled/uneven floors and doors and windows that won’t close properly. It’s not a problem if these signs appear individually. However, it becomes one when they arise altogether, simultaneously.

Luckily, Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor is available in the local area of Missouri. We can provide a variety of foundation repairs right at your doorstep, right away. Foundation repairs could be an installation of foundation piers, patching, and lifting. Schedule your foundation service with our team today to get a free inspection and estimate!

Foundation Piers

To partner with foundation repair, we have foundation piers. However, in foundation repair, foundation piers are not the only interventions. Foundation piers installations are one of the services offered by our team to mend your foundation damage. A foundation pier, when you see it, is column-like. If you have witnessed pillars or posts, you may already be familiar with their structural qualities or with what foundation piers are. A foundation pier is identical to these columns in appearance. We place them underground to lift and elevate your structure, which corrects your unleveled ground and prevents future damages to your houses. 

Foundation I-beams

Foundation I-beams are one of the structural support elements too. Here are some benefits and advantages of foundation I-beams.

  1. It has sizeable lateral stiffness and a wide flange.
  2. Bending resistance is high.
  3. It has the benefits of low cost, high precision, low residual stress, no expensive welding materials, and weld detection compared to general section steel. It saves about 30% of the steel structure manufacturing cost.
  4. I beams are ideal for unidirectional bending parallel to the web due to their form.
  5. They can withstand a wide range of weights and shear stresses without buckling.
  6.  “I” shape is a cost-effective design that doesn’t waste steel.
  7. It has high versatile functionality and has flexible utility. 

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We do all that it takes to protect our loved ones, and we do all that it takes for a sense of security and peace of mind. Let us erase your worries with your foundation today. 

We at Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor know your sentiments as we have been at the core of this industry for 17 years. Trust our experts now and claim your peace of mind when it comes to your house’s foundation. You may call us at (816) 608-7670 and email us at info@leessummitfoundationdoctor.com.