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    Health is wealth. Health is a very critical factor in life. Our lives depend on our health. Thus, there is a duty and a responsibility for us to take proper care of our health and wellness. Well, what are the everyday things a person does to keep themselves healthy? Is it balancing a nutritional diet every meal? Or sleeping for approximately 8 hours a day? Drinking tons of water? Certainly. These actions will help you become a healthy person, living a healthy life.

    Another valuable and essential thing that we need to note in the proper care of health is to ensure that we avoid getting sick. Thus a reason why for example, we cover up and use umbrellas if ever there is rain. When we don’t do these two things and get wet often, we get sick. The same thing applies to your foundation; when it’s damped constantly with water, it gets problems too. 

    Water brings moisture to areas, which is the most significant problem, especially in foundations and basements. Not only will it damage the structural properties of your homes, but also your family’s belongings inside the house. When kept for long, moisture may develop into molds and build-ups, posing a risk to families’ health. These, in turn, are biological hazards that may compromise the safety of you and the people you love. 

    Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor is a highly qualified professional who will be very glad to work for you and help bring solutions to your existing foundation worries. Belton, Missouri, is only one of the places that receive our foundation waterproofing, foundation repair, foundation piers, and I-beams installation services. Aside from that, we also extend foundation help throughout Lee’s Summit, Raymore, Belton, Raytown, Independence, and Blue Springs, Missouri.

    Foundation Repairs in Belton, Missouri

    Extensive or swelling clay soils are prominent in states like Kansas, Missouri, eastern Oklahoma, eastern Texas, and other locations. This kind of soil endangers the environment and safety. Residents frequently suffer from foundation deterioration.

    USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and National Soil Survey Center wrote a document detailing property dangers. Civil engineers state that one-half of all American homes are on expansive soils. One-half of those homes will sustain some damage. Findings from their studies reveal that residential damage exceeds flooding, tornadoes, and hurricanes combined.

    What could fix your foundation damage? Proper examination and diagnosis are essential before resolving structural concerns like foundation collapse, deterioration, and wear. To find and point the origin of the problem, you will need a team of professionals. When your foundation is uneven or settling, foundation repair is the answer.

    Foundation Repair: A Step-by-Step Process

    What is the procedure for repairing a foundation? Is it a challenging process? Well, despite the level of complexity of your foundation damage, Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor will walk with you throughout the repair process. The following are the key points that you need to understand when having a foundation repair. 


    The evaluation of the affected region is the initial stage of foundation restoration. Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor has a dream team of very keen and sharp experts concerning foundation inspections. Right after a comprehensive and productive assessment, we deliver our attested diagnosis to our clients.


    Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor settles everything in advance through planning. Our experts make sure to create a complete plan for the foundation repair. Besides the actual repair job, one essential process, particularly in the construction industry, is the planning phase. Using their highest expertise, the members of our team will design a plan for foundation reparation. Our experts in Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor guarantees to consider the whole picture when planning. We take every possibility of a problem that may arise from the process and plan out quick and efficient interventions. Additionally, we will provide you with a clear and complete explanation of the repair strategy. 


    When performing a foundation repair, we must first prepare the site to install our supports. To accomplish this, we must drill and dig. Following these two, we will plant the supports in the ground. This support may take the form of columns. 

    Consider the image of pillars of museums supporting your home; however, the posts are below ground level in this situation. Piers or piles, for example, could serve as structural supports. Following that, we will bury these supports underground. These pillars may or may not be able to raise your structure or your home back to its original elevation. As an additional benefit, it will aid in stabilizing your foundation.


    Our experts will now ensure that we fill in every hole dug beneath your foundation with the soil that our team has initially removed for the final procedure. Ground that we will reapply will be higher than the usual to avoid sinking and settling after a foundation repair. It will help your structure to manage on its own, especially when raining or flooding. The final steps of a foundation repair also include cleaning and arranging the area. Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor not only guarantees to deliver exemplary services, but we also assure you that we get the job done clean, making our clients give the highest satisfaction they can.

    Cured Experts for A Foundation Cure 

    Who do we call when we’re worried about our health? We go to hospitals and meet physicians for our bodies. The health doctors are responsible for answering our health concerns and giving a cure to our sickness. 

    Now, who do we call when our foundation isn’t in a good state? We call foundation doctors, too. Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor is a renowned expert in providing professional foundation support and solutions. We have professionally cured and trained experts that guarantee to be an excellent foundation doctor for your structures. 

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