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    What makes up good food? A nice meal comes from a great recipe. It comprises complete components and elements. Aside from that, it has a perfect seasoning, the right amount of serving, a pleasant aroma and appearance, and adequate nutrition. In short, a fantastic meal has an outstanding balance of all the elements above. People choose to eat food that they think has all the components of a good meal. They aspire to get satisfaction from one, the reason they choose a food that’s complete for them. 

    In choosing an abode, aspiring homeowners get a house they think has a good and complete structural component. The same thing applies when they need to find experts who can help them when their homes have damaged. However, it’s never an easy task to find professionals for the job. Having to find an expert for foundation services is as hard as deciding to get a foundation service.

    To all homeowners, your search is over. You have found an expert that you need for your foundation needs. The Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor is available for foundation needs and services in Blue Springs, Missouri. We offer a range of excellent foundation waterproofing services, foundation repair, and foundation piers and I-beams installation for the foundation needs of the residents of Missouri. Our team has been providing state-of-the-art foundation services for 17 years and will continue to do so until all foundation problem in Missouri is over. We guarantee and vow to deliver the highest standards of service to our clients. Aside from that, our team’s goal is to achieve optimal and satisfactory outcomes for our customers.

    Our Matchless Foundation Services

    Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor’s primary goal is to deliver first-class and excellent foundation services to the people in Blue Springs, Missouri. Every day, we do not stop learning valuable knowledge, skills, and experiences from our clients, which we use to innovate and improve our services from project to project. For over 17 years, our experts haven’t stopped providing foundation services for the resident in Lee’s Summit, Raymore, Belton, Raytown, Independence, and Blue Springs, Missouri. Aside from that, we never failed in delivering spotless and superior services with the help of our talented, skillful, and persistent professionals. We pledge to load you with knowledge and include you as a homeowner in every step we take towards achieving a stable foundation.

    Foundation Waterproofing

    For more than 17 years, we at Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor have provided outstanding foundation waterproofing services to the community. You will want professionals who will claim to give you the most exceptional foundation waterproofing and deliver on that promise in these situations. Someone who can promise to offer you an exact diagnosis of your foundation problem, provide a remedy according to your selections, and consistently demonstrate excellent customer care for your demands is what you will require.

    Advantages of Foundation Waterproofing

    1. Prevents water leaks

    2. Allows proper water drainage

    3. Secures basement from Radon exposure

    4. It helps those who reside in an area with high water tables

    5. It inhibits the growth of molds which can be a biological hazard

    6. It helps keep your family breathing comfortably without worrying about a musty and unpleasant odor from the basement.

    7. Secures your belongings from the damages they might sustain from water leaks.

    Foundation Repair

    If you live in an environment with distinct wet and dry seasons, as is frequent in the United States, expansive clay soils are arguably the most dangerous. This constant cycle of rain and sun causes the earth beneath your property to shrink and swell due to the regular weather changes. Whenever these sorts of soils become saturated with water, they absorb the water and expand. On the other hand, when the earth dries out, they shrink in size, resulting in a big gaping hole in the ground. Here’s when things become complicated. Your foundation may settle in an unleveled position, resulting in damage. The following are examples of how this unequal settling manifests itself:

    1. Obvious cracks following the stair-shaped structure
    2. Loosen moldings

    3. Gaps in doors and windows

    4. Unleveled/uneven floors

    5. Tile or floor separations

    6. Diagonal cracks

    7. Doors and windows that won’t close properly

    Foundation Piers

    A foundation pier is a structural support that we place in a cracked or deteriorated foundation. A vital attribute of a foundation pier is that foundation piers are buried many feet below the earth’s surface by professionals such as ourselves at Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor.

    The Process of Foundation Pier Installation

    1. Inspection:  Fixing the problem is the first step to solving any problem. Our specialists will examine your foundation to decide which foundation pier installation method is necessary.

    2. Preparation: Once we establish the problem, we go on to the next step. In this step, we will now lay out our foundation pier installation plan.

    3. Digging: Now, we start to dig a two-foot square hole. The ground level point is usually 4-5 feet below ground level, and it extends beneath the grade beam.

    4. Installation: When we reach the grade beam, we set up the piers. It is required to push the hydraulic ram through the guide sleeve support bracket. We use 50,000 pounds of the overall driving force to press the starter and pier parts to the point of resistance. 

    5. Finishing: We carry out security measurements to secure the area. Aside from that, we replenish excavated dirt with fresh soil as well. Finally, we now put in new ground where we removed the shrubbery and concrete.

    Your Foundation Doctors and Heroes in Blue Springs, Missouri

    We understand your anxiety and worries about your homes, which is why you need to trust experts in these concerns. If you’re having difficulty in finding a trusted foundation services provider, then choose the company with over 17 years of business.

    Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor is providing foundation solutions in the areas of Missouri for 17 years now.

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