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    In our structures, all that it takes for long-lasting houses is a foundation that is durable, trustworthy, and sturdy. Good home foundations require a significant amount of support to be successful. When it comes to foundation support, you’ll need all of the assistance you can get. Fortunately, the Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor is prepared and accessible to provide quality-assured foundation support services. Our foundation support specialists provide the highest level of expertise and quality for foundation supports such as foundation piers and foundation I-beams. Aside from that, we also have foundation waterproofing and foundation repair services.  Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor ensures to provide foundation services for Independence, Missouri.  Make the most excellent decision possible for your foundation’s support right now. You have the independence to decide who to trust for your foundation services!

    For Your Supports

    Here are some services of Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor for your foundation support.

    Foundation Piers

    The National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) cites Section 7 of the Building Code that foundation piers must have specified characteristics that are uniform to one another. According to the code, foundation piers must have the following features:

    “A nominal thickness of at least 8 inches (203 mm), a nominal height that is not more than four times the nominal thickness, and a nominal length that is not more than three times the nominal thickness are all required.”

    For homeowners to comply with the state’s code standards, you must choose professionals that are familiar with your foundation. Our staff at Foundation Doctor in Lee’s Summit has the advanced expertise and abilities to build a foundation pier in your home, which is necessary for the stability and soundness of your property. We invite you to contact our locally recognized team of professionals now for a high-quality, insured foundation-pier installation to repair your foundation damage. For your residences, we provide foundation solutions!

    The Features of Foundation Piers


    Typically, foundation piers are constructed 1-1.5 feet above ground level. An 8 to 10 foot spacing between foundation piers is sufficient to sustain the bulk of structures in most areas. The appropriate spacing, which is the distance between foundation piers, also protects the wooden parts of your foundations from moisture damage. Beforehand, our team of professionals will assess your area and make adjustments as needed to your perimeter’s state.


    Foundation piers have variations in their sizes. Moreover, the dimensions of foundation piers include a diameter of  6 inches diameter,  8 inches, or 10 inches, or maybe 16 inches in diameter.


    Aside from differences in size, foundation piers are also available in several different shapes. Foundation piers come in a variety of forms, including square, rectangular, and round.

    Pier Materials

    Foundation piers are from various materials, including poured concrete, concrete block, or clay bricks and blocks. Because poured concrete and concrete blocks can support way more weight than clay bricks, we use them in home construction more.

    Foundation I-beams

    Like spoon and fork and peanut butter and jelly, foundation I-beams go perfectly fine with foundation piers. Foundation I-beams is one of the structural necessities that a home requires for the sake of its stability. As a support element, one of the functions of foundation I-beams is to provide a critical structural support role in the building. I beams are the most often used shape in the structural steel building industry because of their high efficiency and versatility. Aside from that, these beams can endure a diverse range of weights and pressures.

    Utilization of Foundation I-beams

    1. Buildings and other infrastructures

    2. Platforms of a working environment

    3. Providing stabilization and support for elevators and rails

    4. Engineers utilize different sizes of foundation I-beams for creating columns

    5. Factories and Warehouses usage

    Types of Foundation I-beams

    Drilled Caissons

    These are typically cylindrical. This foundation pier placement method is particularly well-suited for lightweight buildings. The compressed post has an axial load on top and a reaction on the bottom.

    Masonry or Concrete Patches

    The most cost-effective and practical foundation pier placement technology available is masonry or concrete patching. Installing is also quick and requires little clean-up. It greatly depends on the stratum’s level. If bearing strata reach 5m, we use masonry or concrete foundation piers. 

    Consult Your Foundation Problems

    We at Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor are available for consultation on your foundation issues over the phone. Our team ensures to respond quickly to your foundation problems and foundation supports the installation. Our foundation waterproofing, foundation repair, and foundation piers and I-beams installation have the highest ratings for foundation services in the locality of Missouri. Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor is always available for foundation support for residents in Lee’s Summit, Raymore, Belton, Raytown, Independence, and Blue Springs.

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