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    As per the National Ground Water Association (NGWA), water covers approximately 71 percent of the Earth’s surface. We may observe this tremendous volume of material in various locations across the world. To just a few examples, our soils, the Earth on which our houses or other structures sit, contain water. According to the same NGWA analysis, soil moisture accounts for 0.0005 percent of the total amount of water distributed on the planet. This level of water does not pose an issue when it is present in moderate volumes. When they become excessive, though, they can cause damage to the foundation of your house as well as leaks in your basement.

    Foundation Problems That Arise With Water

    Is there any water beneath the ground’s surface? Yes, as we have learned, there is water beneath the Earth’s surface where we are standing right now. The vast bulk of freshwater lies underground. Due to the presence of water, there is also the existence of hydrostatic pressure, the pressure generated by water.

    Alternatively, hydrostatic pressure is just the force exerted by moving water. Assume the soil in your basement is saturated with water or damp from condensation. In certain circumstances, the combined weight of the water and the ground can put hundreds of pounds of pressure onto your foundation. As a result of this driving force, water may leak into the tiniest gaps in the foundation of your home. As you may recall from previous Science discussions, water will always find a way. Remembering the Science lesson from our Science classes in high school, it is safe to think that water will find ways to enter a wall or ceiling through a crack or hole. Hydrostatic pressure forces water into your building and produces problems in a basement or moisture in a specific area of the house.

    Dampness is hazardous to both human health and the environment; thus, we must find ways to moderate it at all costs. It may cause the buildup of bacteria, microorganisms, and molds. Additionally, a small percentage of mold produces compounds that are harmful to human health and safety.

    Aside from the biological hazard that water may bring to your residences, it may cause safety hazards that may compromise your family. Missouri is even more affected by these problems as most homes in the state sit on expansive soils that narrow and swell during wet and dry seasons.

    The American Society of Civil Engineers assays that over half of all residences in the United States sit on expansive soil. Half of those houses sustain damage in some way by the storm. Each year, as the organization asserts, these soils inflict more home damage than floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes combined.

    Expansive clay soils are especially hazardous in areas with distinct wet and dry seasons like the United States does. The weather’s continuous soaking and drying cycles cause the ground beneath your home to contract and expand. These soils absorb water and swell when they become wet. On the other hand, they shrink when the Earth dries, resulting in substantial ground gapping. Damage may occur if your foundation settles into an unlevel position.

    Manifestations of A Damaged Foundation

    1. The basement have damped walls and floors

    2.  Musty and Unpleasant Odor from

    3. Molds Existing

    4. Cracks present along the walls bearing a stair-shaped structure

    5. Apparent Efflorescence

    6. Dislodging of moldings

    7. Door and window gaps

    8. Uneven/unleveled flooring

    9. Division of tiles or floors

    10. Diagonal cracks

    11. Inadequately closing doors and windows

    The Reason Why You Need a Foundation Professional

    As the leader of your family, you may feel anxious about foundation damages and foundation needing installations for support and safety. The thing is, we feel your sentiments. At Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor, we have encountered different clients and heard many customer experiences about their foundation concerns. We narrowed down the reasons why they have decided to hire us:

    “They need foundation professionals to guarantee their family’s safety -and they need to ensure that they don’t damage their houses further by repairing it themselves.”

    If that’s your reason, too, then you may want to call professionals that will guarantee you safe throughout the process of having a foundation service and will give you good, long-lasting outcomes. Start by calling us today! Our seasoned, well-trained, and certified team of experts wholeheartedly works your needed foundation service efficiently.

    Our Leading-Edge Foundation Services

    Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor has a range of exemplary foundation services recommended for the residents of Raytown, Missouri. We also provide foundation services in:

    • Lee’s Summit, Missouri
    • Raymore, Missouri

    • Belton, Missouri

    • Raytown, Missouri

    • Independence, Missouri

    • Blue Springs, Missouri

    Foundation Waterproofing

    Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor strongly recommends a foundation treatment that will undoubtedly resolve your foundation’s water issues. Waterproofing systems’ principal goal is to keep water away from concrete foundation walls. Waterproofing a foundation prevents outside water from entering a basement through the basement walls and flooring.

    Foundation Repair

    The primary goal of foundation repair is to restore the structural integrity of your home or office building. As a response to the fact that there are several underlying issues, there may be various viable remedies for foundation damage. Here are some of the most often used procedures for foundation repair:

    • Installation of supports (foundation piers, I-beams, etc.)

    • Masonry Patches and Sealants

    • Concrete Lifting

    Foundation Piers

    If your home’s foundation has been damaged or degraded, we can repair it by installing foundation piers. Our experts in Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor utilize a foundation pier system to restore a property’s foundation that has settled unevenly, sagged, or cracked. Foundation piers are an aid in the restoration of your home’s foundation and for stabilization.

    Foundation I-beams

    When viewed from above, these structural supports readily resemble the letter “I.” I-beam foundations are one of the most often used steel forms in the world. Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor uses these beams to achieve the required level of stability for your foundation construction.

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