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Our homes and structures are some of the most important and priceless possessions we have in our lives. It serves as a symbol and a representation of our identity and cultural heritage. Others may consider it to be one of their assets. Others, on the other hand, see houses as more than just structures. They serve as a representation of one’s life, history, and the values of a family. Your home sees the way you live and grow. Aside from that, it witnesses the events that occur in your lives. It’s an observer of all of your experiences. Like a function hall, our houses serve as a place for celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, or social get-togethers. While our homes are primarily places to store memories, we also use them to store belongings. It’s a location where you can share stories with your family and friends without having to worry about being interrupted. Lastly, a home provides shelter for all of us.

From all the reasons above, you may see that houses are significant to each one of us. Thus, there is a purpose to maintain the structural properties of our homes. A foundation, for instance, supports our home in many ways. It secures us from elements and keeps our families safe when disasters come. However, for our house to fulfill its mission of protecting us, we have to make sure it has a proper foundation. It is one thing that you, as a homeowner, must keep in mind when it comes to structures.

For instance, sturdy and stable support to your residence are two of the primary attributes that your houses must have. Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor offers you support to make your home more substantial and more durable. Our experts are always enthusiastic and ready to provide you with the best possible support for your home. Foundation I-beam installation is one of our expertise in the foundation industry.

Steady-going, Reliable Grounds with Foundation I-beams

Understanding the fundamental components that make up our homes is essential if we are to be responsible homeowners. A foundation I-beam is one of the most critical structural supports that you should be aware of when having substantial grounds. As a result of their ability to withstand massive amounts of pressure, forces, and weights while also being one of the most widely used steel shapes in the construction industry, foundation I-beams are among the most well-known steel shapes in the world. The foundation I-beam will assist your foundation in achieving the required level of stability. It aids in the achievement of the necessary level of stability for your foundation structure.

The foundation I-beams are so named because the shape of these structural supports is similar to the letter “I.” When you look at these structural supports, you can easily distinguish them as the letter “I.” Steels are the primary materials used in constructing a Foundation I-beam in the overwhelming majority of instances. Aside from that, many different types of beams are available, including aluminum alloys and low alloy steel. Additionally, many kinds of foundation I-beams are available, including those made of aluminum alloys and low alloy steel, among other materials, for use in various applications. A wide range of applications, including bridges, building frames, and other structures, are available for these materials. As a result of their distinct characteristics, foundation I-beams perform differently from other foundation beams in strength and durability.

Why Does Your Home Need It?

Like how children need support from their parents to live through life, our foundations need assistance to carry its functionality throughout. It is common in construction to use I beams as structural components because they are both simple and effective in their design. A foundation I-beam is capable of bending when subjected to extreme pressure. They have the efficiency and capability of withstanding a wide range of loads and shear stresses without buckling. It is more cost-effective to use foundation I-beams because they eliminate the need for as many support components as would otherwise be required. Foundation I-beams are adaptable, and their dependability makes them an absolute necessity for experts like our team at Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor. Depending on the application, foundation I-beams are available in various weights, depths of a section, flange widths, web thicknesses, and other specifications to meet the project’s requirements. Foundation I-beams maintain the structural integrity of a building by providing unwavering strength and support.

How do we choose the sizes of I-beams?

In Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor, we select specific sizes of foundation I-beams based on the requirements of your homes and structures. The points below will tell you various factors that we put into consideration, as a team:


The thickness will vary the resistance of the I-beam. Thus, our experts at Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor will carefully consider the thickness of the foundation I-beam so that we can maintain bending or deformation to a minimum.


Our experts at Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor prevent undesirable vibrations. It is one reason why there is a need to choose the strength and bulk of foundation I-beams with extensive care. We have to consider this as we don’t want any unwanted vibrations to cause stress to your groundings.

Bending Failure

It is one thing that we experts must avoid anytime in foundation I-beam installation. It occurs when the stress in the cross-section exceeds the yield stress in the bending direction. Aside from that, it may also happen when the flange is too thin and buckles in a single location. Thus, the reason for a proper selection of thickness and mass for the foundation I-beams we use.

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Independence, and Blue Springs, Missouri. Our team at Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor is also highly regarded for its foundation waterproofing, foundation repair, and foundation piers and I-beams installation.

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