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Every day, we strive to make it through life. Opening our eyes each morning in the hope of a productive day and closing our eyes at night to rest from the day’s exhaustion are two of our everyday routines. Life is a struggle. We may not realize it or give it much thought, but our homes play a critical role in providing us with the comfort we require at least once a day, if not more. We can’t sell our hardships to others, but we can let it all out in our safe spaces, which we refer to as “home.” It is for this reason that keeping your home safe and stable should always be your top priority.

If you live in Missouri, you are well aware that foundation problems can arise due to your soil conditions. Take an extensive look around your home to see if there are any signs of foundation damage. Your home may require additional assistance or support. Don’t worry; we at Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor are known to take care of your residences! Having been in the foundation services industry for 17 years, we have worked with various clients. Aside from that, we provided services in a variety of homes throughout Missouri. A foundation piers service is one of the solutions you can get if you want to restabilize or restore the structural integrity of your home. Fortunately, you have access to cutting-edge professionals who can assist you. We will install foundation piers to provide the necessary stabilization for your home.

Foundation Piers as Structural Supports

If you have seen pillars or posts, you may already be familiar with their structural characteristics or with what foundation piers are. A foundation pier is comparable to these columns in appearance. One distinguishing feature of a foundation pier, on the other hand, is that experts like us in Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor bury these several feet below the surface of the ground. In the case of damaged foundations, a foundation pier is a structural support that we install. If your home’s foundation needs repair, foundation piers are a promising technique for repairing homes with uneven settling, sagging, or broken foundations.

The National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) sites section 7 of the Building Code that foundation piers require uniform specific features. According to the code, foundation piers must have:

 “nominal thickness of at least 8 in. (203 mm), a nominal height that is not more than four times its nominal thickness, and a nominal length that is not more than three times its nominal thickness.”

For homeowners to abide by the state’s codes requirements, it is only vital that you need to get experts that know your foundation well. Our team in Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor has advanced knowledge and skills to install a foundation pier your home needs for its stability and soundness. For a quality insured foundation pier installation today, call our highly renowned team of experts to cure your foundation damages. We bring foundation solutions for your homes!

How are Foundation Piers Installed?

What exactly is the process of installing a foundation pier? When it comes to foundation pier installation, the Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor only hires the most qualified individuals in the industry. Because of our professionals, we have risen to the very top of the foundation service industry. We will explain the process of foundation pier installation in greater detail in the following sections.


Finding the cause of the problem is the first thing we do every time. Our experts assess your area for foundation damage to determine the type of foundation pier installation method we need to utilize.


Once we determine the problem, we advance to the next step, which is planning. Aside from laying out a repair plan, we also prepare the area to install your foundation piers.

Digging minimal holes

We will dig an initial hand-dug two-foot square hole with a shovel initially. Our experts uncover a spot that is generally four or five feet below ground level, and it will extend under the grade beam.


When we reach the grade beam, we install the foundation piers. It is necessary to place the brackets and hydraulics and advance the guide sleeve through the support bracket. With an average penetrating power of 50,000 pounds of the total driving force, we push the starter and pier sections to the point of reluctance. We carry out the reconnection of the hydraulics and operation of the hydraulics in a sequential manner to raise the structure. As soon as we elevate your residence to a suitable height, the fastening plates and support bracket are now permanently attached to the pier column through a screw.

Wrapping up

When the structure is secure, we take measurements of depth, pressure, and elevation for each pier to ensure that the house is exceptionally safe. We also include the replacement of excavated soil with new soil. Lastly, we now replace the shrubbery and concrete we removed before the pier installation with new materials.

Foundation Piers: The Types Installed

Masonry or Concrete Foundation Piers

  • When it comes to foundation pier installation methods, this is the most economical and practical system available. It is also the quickest to install, reducing mess and inconvenience.

  • It is highly dependent on the level of the stratum.

  • If a bearing stratum exists up to 5m, we utilize masonry or concrete foundation piers.

  • The size and shape of the foundation piers we install depend on the nature of the soil, depth of the bed, etc.

 Drilled Caisson

  • It usually refers to the cylindrical foundation.

  • Because this method of foundation pier installation does not rely on the weight of the house for its installation, it is particularly well suited for lighter structures. 

  • A dried caisson is primarily a compressed post subjected to an axial load at the top and a reaction at the bottom.

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