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We live in a changing world, and yet we are still uncertain of the many different events and situations that may occur to us or either to the people we love. However, there’s one specific problem that has never changed throughout the years that have gone. Do you want to know what that is? Well, one thing that’s never changed or may take centuries before a change occurs for the residents in Missouri is that your house is sitting in expansive soil.

According to a research article from the University of Kansas, expansive or swelling clay soils is prevalent in states like Kansas, Missouri, eastern Oklahoma, eastern Texas, and nearby places. This type of soil poses an environmental and safety hazard to such areas. One predominating problem of the residents is foundation damage. Living in Missouri, you may have undergone foundation problems due to your state’s soil condition. For over 17 years, we have led foundation services in the areas of the state of Missouri. Our services long ago started not for proprietorship and business agendas. Instead, we started little by little helping our local neighbors in need. Today, Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor offers services for your foundations. We have foundation waterproofing, foundation repair, and foundation piers and I-beams installation for your sickly foundations.

How are expansive soils damaging?

The paper from the United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and National Soil Survey Center identified risks sustained by properties. The American Society of Civil Engineers asserts half of all homes in the United States are on expansive soils. Half of those homes will suffer some level of damage as a result. According to the group, these soils are responsible for more home damage each year than floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes taken together. 

Expansive clay soils are perhaps the most hazardous in areas with different wet and dry seasons, common in the United States. These frequent weather cycles of wetting and drying cause the grounds from which your home stands to shrink and swell. When these types of soils are wet, they absorb water and widen. On the other hand, when it dries out, they downsize, resulting in large gapping of the ground. Now, here comes the problem. If your foundation settles at an unleveled position, it may cause damages. This uneven settling may have manifestations like:

  • Obvious cracks following the stair-shaped structure

  • Loosen moldings

  • Gaps in doors and windows

  • Unleveled/uneven floors

  • Tile or floor separations

  • Diagonal cracks

  • Doors and windows that won’t close properly

The Answer to Your Foundation Damage

What could be a remedy for your foundation damages? You can’t quickly fix structural problems like foundation damage without proper assessment and diagnosis of the issue. To do that, you will need a team of experts to help you locate and point the origin of the problem and layout efficient solutions. Your foundation may have been uneven or settling, and the answer to that is a foundation repair.

The Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor is here to give the cure to your foundation problems. We proudly extend our hands to your structure with our foundation repair. A foundation repair, emphasizing the word “repair,” is a method of finding the root cause of the damage, installing supports to elevate the house back to its original level, remedying the manifestations, and restoring your structure’s overall functionality to withstand its weight.

Foundation repair: The Types and Methods 

A foundation repair’s main objective is to restore the performance of your structure. However, since there are several foundation problems, there could be various solutions for it too. Below are some of the types of foundation repair methods commonly implemented. 

Foundation Piers Installation

Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor specializes in installing foundation piers for foundation repair in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. We install and bury the foundation pier as far as it can go into the ground to a solid layer of soil. After installing the foundation pier, the load-carrying capacity of the structure will be diverted or transferred to the foundation piers.

Masonry Patches and Sealants

Your structure shrinking may not be a significant problem as it is normal for houses to undergo wear and tear. However, when situations get uncontrolled, your home or structure may develop cracks around your walls. As a homeowner, you may disregard these cracks initially, but it could be a problem when it gets worse. Masonry patches and sealants include “patching and sealing” your cracked walls with hydraulic cement, vinyl concrete, epoxies, silicone, or polyurethane. The material used as a patch will vary according to the size of the crack sustained by the structure.

Concrete Lifting

You may also regard concrete lifting to the services such as mud jacking or slab jacking. The term “elevating” refers to the method of foundation repair used in this case. In other words, it is the process of leveling out uneven ground. To accomplish this, we fill your base with mud, sand, or concrete. Our company uses a general procedure to raise your structure back to its original elevation after sustaining foundation damage from being uneven. Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor provides you with a plethora of options for your preferred type and method of foundation repair, as well as excellent pieces of advice from our team of foundation repair professionals.

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