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Water is everywhere. It even occupies our bodies as well. Based on the U.S. Geological Survey research, they state that water comprises about 60% of the human body and makes up 90% of the human weight. Water is the most significant environmental resource available. Anywhere you look, you can see materials that are probably not manufactured if it wasn’t for the availability of water. That is how vital water is.

Water is even a part of your house’s construction. However, water may also cause destructive problems to your homes. As stated by the National Ground Water Association (NGWA), water makes up 71% of the Earth’s surface. We may see this enormous amount on different parts of our planet. To cite one, our soils, the ground where our houses or structures stand, have water in them. According to the same research of NGWA, 0.0005 percent of the distribution of water on Earth is in soil moisture. These water levels are not problems when they are in moderate amounts. However, when they are excessive, they may damage your structure’s foundation and cause leaks in your basement. 

Yes, you can cover the water leaks for a while. But, despite that, your foundation may eventually give up, causing you more critical problems for your foundation. Good thing you have come to the website for a team of foundation experts! We at Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor have been giving remarkable foundation waterproofing services for over 17 years. In problems like these, you will need experts that won’t only promise to provide you with the best foundation waterproofing. You will need someone who can guarantee to give you an accurate diagnosis of your foundation problem, provide a solution under your decisions, and will surely manifest positive customer service for your needs.

Foundation Waterproofing: What is it?

Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor highly offers you a foundation service that may end your foundation water problems. The primary objective of foundation waterproofing systems is to keep water away from concrete foundation walls. Foundation waterproofing is the mechanism of preventing water from entering a basement from the outside by sealing the basement walls and floors. Installing a system capable of preventing water from entering your houses or structure is the central process of this type of foundation service. Reach our experts today through phone and email to and schedule to get your free estimate and inspection!

How Do You Know You Need Foundation Waterproofing?

Your house may need foundation waterproofing, and you may not be aware of it. Here are some points for knowledge of when you need foundation waterproofing.

The First Sign: Damp Basement Walls and Floors

Water indeed causes first-hand problems like dampness. We can trace these problems from a seepage. A seepage makes it likely to develop moisture in your foundation. Dampness can cause colossal foundation damage, but knowing the cause could be the best solution. When we identify and address the origin of the problem, we may be able to eliminate the manifestations of the issue. In Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor, we determine first the source of your water leaks. Once we are confident that your foundation has a problem, that’s the time we proceed with formulating a plan and implementing a foundation waterproofing service. We assure you that our team has the best experts to guarantee you honesty and quality service. 

The Second Sign: Musty and Unpleasant Odor Coming From the Basement

Aside from seeing physical damages to your walls and floors, a foul smell may assert a foundation problem. The smell may come from molds or moisture around your walls and floors. Aside from that, it may also indicate water seepage over the years. Do not disregard a foul smell as it may compromise your family’s health, as well. Call your Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor today, and we will be sure to determine the source of your problem. Besides that, we will be able to provide you on the spot solutions for your foundation problem. Foundation waterproofing could be the answer to this kind of issue. Call your local experts today!

The Third Sign: Existence of Molds

Have you ever seen molds around your walls? It is an issue you should never ignore as a homeowner and as the leader of your family. Molds may not just cause a foul and unpleasant smell from your home. It is a biological hazard. We at Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor are doctors homeowners in uncompromising their family’s safety. We take charge of the risks that may eventually put your family’s health in danger. So call us today, and let us be the doctors of your foundation! Our highly regarded team guarantees the highest quality service for your foundation waterproofing.

The Fourth Sign: Evident Efflorescence

You may not have heeded this word before or are unfamiliar with it. For unfortunate reasons, we educate you today on what this is and how it shows a sign that you need foundation waterproofing. What is efflorescence? Efflorescence is the term to describe the white powder visible on the walls. It is the movement of salt to the surface of concrete, where it forms a layer. Fortunately, while you may wash the white sediment they produce away, it does very little to prevent the situation from repeating. Excessive efflorescence is frequently caused by increasing or penetrating dampness. It occurs in areas with cracks and openings in the walls, allowing water to seep into space. Although this is not as serious as mold, it is still a concerning sign. If you undergo this problem, give us a call today, and we will be sure to cater to even your slightest concerns at Lee’s Summit Foundation Doctor!

Foundation Experts For Foundation Waterproofing

Why do you need experts when you can try to solve your foundation problems? Finding a remedy for your foundation concerns may be an advantage for you in the beginning. However, it may not last the way you expect it to be. Your foundation problems could be simple at first. But remedying at your own pace may prompt it to get worse. 

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